2 Cents

You have a better chance of changing the weather from hot to cold than changing persepctive. That’s my two cents. I’m not defining something, I’m clarifying the mountain of a task it is to train mindset. I can’t change a perspective but I can shatter an illusion. Illusions are easy because they’re ideas, you can […]

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Battle of the Brains

Why are we here? If I asked a businessman they may say, “To work of course.” If I asked a student the may say, “To learn.” If I asked a father, he would tell me, “To live.” The corresponding wife and mother would say, “To love.” All of them are correct. We get this funny […]

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Study the Force

I believe in mental workouts just as much physical, knowledge and imagination. Knowledge is a funny paradox, the more you learn makes you understand how little you know. Imagination is underrated, it’s a building block that is undervalued, and undermined. Imagination is the force. For my star wars fans, what up! If you have never […]

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Peace, The Island Getaway

#peace #writing #thoughtsonthoughts Peace is not something that’s so easily explained as it is experienced. It is not something you can buy at the local store. You won’t grab it on the street and you won’t run by it by chance. For me I can only talk about the place that it takes me. It’s […]

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Sweet Symphony

#mindrants #thoughtsonthoughts #writing No mind can be enslaved which believes it is free. There is no prison known to man that can accomplish this task. I have been in one and though I was trapped. My mind set me free, it opened the gates to a lovely world of possibilities. That was six years ago. […]

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Worry: Sell your Stocks

#creativewriting #thoughtsonthoughts Stop investing so much into your worries, it hasn’t brought you any profit. What do I mean? We evolved so quickly that we didn’t stop to think how much information we actually digested. We didn’t stop to train ourselves for what was to come. I get it from everyone, friends, family, the ones […]

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